Home Insurance in Pasadena TX, Pearland, Spring TX, Sugar Land TX, Tomball, and Nearby Cities

Do you keep jewelry in your home? Do you collect rare art or expensive limited-edition items? Then you must ensure your home insurance provides you the necessary protection. At All About Insurance, we offer you riders and endorsements that increase the coverage for your priceless belongings. Our agents take a good understanding of the property, explain all the options, and help you choose the plan right for you and your business. When you choose All About Insurance as your insurance partner, you will not be disappointed as you get a company that is giving you the best value since we represent multiple highly respected companies that offer insurance in and around Houston. This wouldn’t have been the case if you approach a single insurance provider on your own. People of Pasadena TX, Pearland, Rosenberg TX, Spring TX, Sugar Land TX, and Tomball trust us due to our personal touch and hands-on approach.

Home Insurance in Pasadena TX, Pearland, Spring TX, Sugar Land TX, TomballBelow we have mentioned 3 special options included in our insurance policy. Take a look.

  1. Insurance for Vacant Homes

Unoccupied homes are at a greater risk of being exposed to threats than occupied homes. Any typical homeowner’s insurance will not cover your unoccupied or vacant property from fire, theft, vandalism or any other types of liability.

  1. Insurance for Homes Under Construction

Most people don’t know that it is beneficial to get your home insured while it’s under construction because the contractor will only be responsible for the damages related to the building of the house. But damages caused due to tornadoes, fire, and earthquake will be taken care of by this special clause in your policy

  1. Insurance for Rental Properties

Also known as the landlord’s insurance, this covers the risks involved in renting out your property. This is different from rental insurance as it does not cover the personal property of the tenant but includes property damage, liability cost, and also the loss of rental income for the landlord.

So, you can get in touch with us if you are looking for these special features in your policy.